Kissi shell

Found on the beach

A spontaneous meeting on the beach of Scheveningen gave inspiration

“The ocean starts in the mountains”

saying from Viet Nam
The find

During a walk on my Scheveningen beach I met two German tourists. We got to talk about the rarity finding a Buccinum undated Linnaeus at this beach in the Netherlands. The couple was not interested in the shell, so I took it home and used it as an inspiration.

The stone

Kissi is from Kenya is soap-stone like. Easy to work with, but fragile. The brownish parts are evidence the stone is broken loose from the mountain. I’ve tried to keep parts of that and let the sculpture tell that story.

The fun

With sculptures, I never like to copy real life. If it’s too realistic, it’s too neat. Leaves nothing to the imagination of the beholder. Yet again, it needs to come close enough for you to recognise the shape, and get that imagination further going.

Getting started
  • As always it proofs practical if I already have a couple of stones lingering around;
  • It kick-starts the process of making another sculpture.
Getting it right

“Never mind the cracks, it’s not often we find shells that are completely untouched”

Finding a display

One of the tempting parts of all sculptures is a base for display.

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