Le p’tit oiseau

The art of creation

Lost wax method – verloren was methode – methode cire perdue

” When you follow the inner line (arabesk), you’ll get where you want to be. Almost by itself.”

Jon Gardella

The “lost-wax” method allows you to make a unique piece of art. The entire wax model melts during the process. In this project I found the help of Bronze Breizh Creatures. Their location south-west of Rennes in Bretagne made it possible to work with them closely. Here you see the casted sculpture being prepared for getting a unique patina.


Careful handwork by a patina- specialist. First a base layer is applied on the bronze, after which a second layer of coloring can be applied. There are many ways to create a patina both with chemicals and with natural processes. Artists/sculptors experiment with many techniques. Some of them have developed unique recipes which they keep to themselves.


The little bird is now ready to fly. It did not go far, and stayed in Bretagne. Hence it received an appropriate French name “Le p’tit oiseau“.

Getting started
  • A inner construction made from material burning under 800 Celsius
  • Black wax (cire)
  • A study of several birds flying
  • a nice spot to work outside with birds whistling 😉
Getting it right

“I wish I could fly”

Giving life to bronze

A truly wonderful process.

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